Straight from the pan, perfectly cooked, juicy and tender. The mouth-watering smell alone makes you wonder about the hearty flavour and how it will tickle your taste buds. It is love at first bite, close your eyes, let this heavenly taste tempt you! It is not just Vegan Meat. It is all about the love of celebrating food.

LikeMeat has revolutionised vegan food found in a competitive market. Timo Recker founded the company in 2013 with the aim of offering the first vegan meat. His main priority is the real, original meaning of food: Flavour and enjoyment.

leaf 100% natural ingredients

leaf smells and tastes like meat

leaf Low in calories and rich in protein, lactose and gluten-free*
**Our Juicy Burger is not gluten-free

leaf Versatile, quick and easy to prepare

We at LikeMeat believe that modern, health-conscious nutrition is the future worldwide.
That’s why we have created the first vegan meat for everyone wanting tasty, healthy food.

LikeMeat has achieved what has long since been thought impossible: creating vegan food with the texture and flavour of meat.

Our products not only taste like meat; they look and feel like meat too.
Enjoyment with all the senses – that was our aim.

All LikeMeat products are made from pulses or vegetables and produced according to strict nutritional criteria. With over 20 branded products, LikeMeat is geared towards everyone who wants to eat sustainably and healthily without compromising on flavour.

This tasty alternative to meat
brings everyone to the table:
vegetarians, vegans and meat lovers.