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Bacon Cubes

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Soya-free yet full of flavour – these vegetable-based diced vegetables with the delicious aroma of fried bacon are now available for vegan cooking! Popular dishes are now available completely meat-free with bacon cubes. Whether in salads, hearty meals, fried or boiled; these diced vegetables bring this popular aroma back into meat-free cooking and are versatile to use. Surprisingly authentic and rich in valuable nutrients, these Bacon cubes are a never-before-seen enhancement to modern cooking.


Product information

Unique, meat-like structure
Fast, easy preparation
Clean label

Nutritional value per 100 grams

Energy  654 kJ / 155 kcal
Fat 2,8 g
of which saturated fat  0,4 g
Carbohydrate  10 g
of which sugar   0,2 g
protein   19 g
Fibre  6,7 g
Salt 2,8 g
Iron 3,4 mg

Vegetables 44% (Peas, carrots, onion juice concentrate), drinking water, potato starch, salt, natural flavourings, sunflower oil, vegetable and fruit juice concentrate (radishes, apples, blackcurrants), smoked salt, vinegar