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Pork Sausage

Ham or bratwurst? There is no need to choose. Taste the best of both!

The LikeMeat Schinkenbratwurst („Schinken“ means ham in German) combines the smoky taste of ham with the crispy casing of a bratwurst. Our Schinkenbratwurst is crunchy outside but juicy and aromatic inside. The special feature about our Schinkenbratwurst is the kind of protein we use. Schinkenbratwurst is not out of soy protein, but out of pea protein. With the high protein content the Schinkenbratswurst works for a balanced diet and is ideal for flexitarian, vegetarian and vegan cooking. Our Schinkenbratwurst is not only tasty but also natural. It is free of artificial additives und is made of 100 % vegetable ingredients. Therefore it is a perfect product for allergy sufferers and health-conscious people. You can roast the Schinkenbratwurst on the barbeque or in a pan and combine it with other food.


Product information

Unique, meat-like structure
Fast, simple preparation
No genetic modification
200g – 4 pieces