Pulled Pork

from organic soya

100% organic

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Pulled Pork

Gently cooked makes juicy tender! Vegan meat and its fine taste and texture even makes the pig smile.

But beware! Once LikeMeat Pulled Pork is on the table, the pan is empty within a flash!

We have created a unique recipe with the guarantee for a maximum taste. Perfect for the flexitarian as well as vegetarian and vegan cuisine.
Pulled Pork has a fine structure, hearty tender and authentic in its flavor. The 100% organic vegan protein source with exclusively natural ingredients can be prepared quickly and can be combined in many different ways. As a perfect addition to a modern and varied diet, Pulled Pork is simply the favorite on every plate.



Unique meat-like texture
Quick and easy preparation
Clean label
No genetic modification
Organically certified